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As a leading manufacturer and supplier for Saudi Arabia, Beston Group has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of theme & amusement park rides. These rides mainly include kiddie rides, thrill rides, popular rides and VR amusement rides. And these amusement rides are made of high-quality materials. All of these products have passed the certification of CE, ISO9001. And at the same time, they also have enjoyed a good reputation from home and abroad.So far, amusement park rides have been exported to as many as 20 countries, such as Uzbekistan, Russia, Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico, France, USA, etc. If you are going to buy these amusement park rides, please contact Beston at any time!

Kiddie Rides For Sale In Saudi Arabia

Kiddie rides are popular with children. These products are designed according to children’s hobby. They are attractive due to the colorful surface and vivid animal shapes. Kiddie rides mainly include ferris wheel, bumper cars, frog hopper ride, amusement park trains, teacup rides, backyard roller coaster,  carousel rides, samba balloon ride, swing rides, new shark island rides, self-control series, racing car ride and double flying rides. There are some special kiddie amusement rides. Park train includes the trackless train. The trackless train possesses attractive shape and high safety. So children can feel joy without fear. Backyard roller coasters are based on the rail, including sliding worm rides and mini-shuttle ride.

This kind of product has different animal shapes, such as worm, dragon, and rabbit. Parents and children choose it owing to attractive shapes and stable speed. The bumper car ride is one of the most favorite rides. This kind of ride has four main types, including ceiling grid bumper cars, ground grid bumper cars, and inflatable bumper cars. It is interactive and competitive. Parents and children can play together.

Trackless Train Ride

Amusement Park Train For Sale In Saudi Arabia

The amusement park train is one of the kiddie rides. This ride is amusing and practical, so it is favored ...
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quality mini sliding dragon roller coaster rides price in top supplier

Backyard Roller Coasters For Sale

The backyard roller coaster, also called the mini backyard roller coaster, which can attract a lot of children. Meanwhile, this ...
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Bumper Car Rides for Sale

Bumper Car Rides for Sale

Bumper cars are common amusement park equipment. Bumper car rides for sale have three main types, including electric bumper cars, ...
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Top-drive Carousel Ride

Carousel Rides For Sale

The carousel ride has another name for merry go round ride, which is favored by people of all ages. This ...
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Jumping Kangaroo Ride

Jumping Kangaroo Rides For Sale

The jumping kangaroo ride, also called kangaroo hopper ride, belongs to a type of popular ride. Beston jumping kangaroo rides for ...
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kids swing ride for sale

Kids Swing Rides for Sale In Saudi Arabia

The kids swing ride for sale for Saudi Arabia is also called mini swing ride. As a kind of popular ...
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top quality mini shuttle kids roller coaster rides prices

Mini Shuttle Rides For Sale

The Mini shuttle ride belongs to one of the typical kiddie rides. This ride is very popular with people of all ...
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Samba Balloon Amusement Ride For Sale

Samba Balloon Ride

Samba balloon is one of the popular rides in an amusement park. With an attractive appearance and interesting movement, people ...
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Thrill Rides For Sale In Saudi Arabia

Thrill rides are mainly for adults. These kinds of rides bring great joy and reduce pressure for people. Main products include pirate ship rides, mini pirate ship rides, roller coaster rides, energy storm, pendulum rides, disk O ride, sky tower ride, bungee jumping ride, speed windmill, space travel, ferris ring car ride. Some typical rides are introduced in next part. Big pendulum rides are very interesting and swing back and forth when the machine starts. These rides bring thrilling experience for participants. Roller coaster is a typical amusement ride in the park. It contains different types. The company can offer four ring roller coaster, six ring roller coaster, and large-suspended roller coaster. You can find the suitable height and track length. This product is popular with young people because of its height and thrilling feeling. Irregular movement and fast speed are two attractive points.

giant pendulum ride

Big Pendulum Ride

Big pendulum ride belongs to the thrill rides. It includes swinging and revolving movement, so it is exciting and interesting. Pendulum ...
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Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

The pirate ship ride belongs to one kind of thrill rides, which is mainly designed young people. This ride brings ...
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Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Roller Coaster Rides For Sale In Saudi Arabia

With extremely thrilling feeling and ultimate flying process, the roller coaster ride is favored by young people. It is a ...
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Breakdance Ride for Sale

Breakdance Ride for Sale

Breakdance ride is warmly welcomed by people of all ages. Parents can take their children to join this ride together. Break ...
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Tagada Ride For Sale

Tagada Rides

Disco tagada rides are very popular and interesting, and they are suitable for people of all age groups. The tagada ...
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Disk O Ride for Sale

Disk O Ride For Sale

The disk o ride, also called disco ride, flying ufo ride, belong to a kind of thrilling ride. And this ...
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Sky Tower Ride For Sale

Sky Tower Ride For Sale

The sky tower ride, also called swing tower ride, flying tower ride, sky swing ride, is mainly designed for young people who ...
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Ferris Wheel Ride For Sale

Ferris Wheel Ride For Sale in Saudi Arabia

The ferris wheel ride for sale in Saudi Arabia, also called observation wheel and giant wheel, is a kind of ...
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Popular Rides For Sale for Saudi Arabia

Popular rides occupy an important place in amusement rides. These kinds of rides mainly include tagada ride, breakdance ride, octopus ride, air flying shooting rides, jumping kangaroo ride, bounce machine rides, Miami ride, liberty music bar ride, and so on. These rides are favored by young people very much, so these rides have a huge market in the future. Some special ones are introduced. Breakdance rides are suitable for the whole family, and these rides have cabins designed for children to protect their safety. Octopus rides have beautiful designs and interesting movements, and these rides have large-sized and small-sized types.

If you are planning to build a new amusement park in Saudi Arabia or want to get new rides for your park, you are welcome to Beston Amusement for different types of amusement park rides. Our sales manager will contact you soon.

Flying Chair Ride

Swing Ride for Sale

Swing ride, also known as swing chair ride, swing carousel, flying chair ride, chair o plane ride or wave swinger ride, belongs ...
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Coffee Cup Ride

Teacup Rides for Sale In Saudi Arabia

As one of the popular rides, the teacup rides for sale are popular with people of different age groups. These ...
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Octopus Rides for Sale

Octopus Rides For Sale

As one of the most popular family rides, the octopus ride has attractive design and beautiful appearance, so both adults and ...
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miami trip ride

Miami Rides For Sale

Miami rides belong to one of popular rides, which are very interesting and absorbing. They are also called miami trip ride, ...
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paratrooper amusement ride

Paratrooper Ride For Sale

The paratrooper ride, also known as umbrella ride, is favorited by children and adults. As a kind of popular ride, ...
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Thomas Trackless Train

Trackless Train Rides For Sale

It is common for us to see a variety of park trains in theme parks, amusement parks, shopping malls and ...
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cheap bounce machine from Beston

Bounce Machine

Bounce machine can be suitable for people of all ages to play. This kind of amusement ride has a huge ...
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Track Train Ride

Track Train Rides For Sale

Track train rides for sale are popular in amusement parks and are hot-sale amusement rides. The rides have long tracks ...
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